French Immersion in Languedoc-Roussillon

French Immersion Classes in Béziers

 Planning to travel to the South of France?

Living in the Languedoc-Roussillon region already?

Learn French DIRECT – Immersion

  • Immersion classes in Béziers and the Languedoc Region are conducted in French.
  • All immersion classes are completely personalized to your level.
  • Feel free to take “English speaking” breaks as needed.
  • Ask for clarification on vocabulary, pronunciation, or grammar rules as needed.
  • Immersion classes are most effective for intermediate to advanced levels.
  • Spend a morning, afternoon (2 hours), full day (8 hours), or as many days as you wish discovering this beautiful region and speaking and learning French with me.
  • We’ll begin our day at the café, then set out on our French adventure together.
  • My immersion classes are perfect for individuals or small groups wanting to make a lot of progress in speaking and listening comprehension, and all the while I’ll introduce you to everything I love about living in the South of France.
  • Contact me directly for group pricing.
Spend a morning, afternoon, or a whole day discovering the beautiful Languedoc-Roussilon region with a fun-loving local.  Your teacher lives in Béziers, and has fifteen years experience teaching French as a foreign language.  Complete immersion is the fastest, most efficient, and certainly the most amusing way to learn a language.  Shopping at the farmer’s market, grabbing a coffee or lunch at a café, visiting local vineyards and olive oil producers, participating in cultural activities and festivals, spending an afternoon at the beach, the possibilities are endless in the Languedoc Region!

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