Our apartment in France, here’s what a typical South of France apartment looks like


Thanks to one of my French teacher friends back in St. Louis, I’ve finally made a video showing our apartment in Béziers!  She is soon going to be beginning a chapter on different kinds of places to live in France, so she asked me to help out and make her class more interesting.  I decided to share this video on Skype, and also on my blog.

We’ve only been living here for two weeks at this point in time, so everything’s not quite perfect, but we don’t have to be perfect to be happy!!  I hope you enjoy this tour of “chez nous”, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have!  I remember when we were getting ready to move to France, I loved looking at International House Hunters, so here’s my version 😉



3 thoughts on “Our apartment in France, here’s what a typical South of France apartment looks like”

    1. Thanks for encouraging me even when I wasn’t so sure about the apartment. You so easily saw the charm behind the imperfections. So glad I listened to you instead of opting for a newer place with no potential 🙂

      1. You are more than welcome…..I was overtaken by the charm and know that it usually the kitchen and bath-toilet areas that are the most challenging……but in your apartment they looked lovely. I just love the idea of the open windows and cross breeze and balconies………and walking your children to school……..lovely…….irreplaceable ………

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