On my way to pick up the kids from school in France

Every day, I have the great pleasure (and I mean it) of walking my kids back and forth to school a total of four times a day.  That’s 8 trips, at about 15 minutes each.  I absolutely love it.  I bring them to school and walk back home in the morning at 8:00, then I pick them up for lunch at 11:45, bring them back at 1:45, go back to get them at 4:45, and then walk back home.  When I pick them up for lunch, we stop at the nearby bakery for a baguette, and this is a really good bakery, by the way!  Then at 5:00, we pick up another baguette for dinner.  The kids know it’s a special treat when I let them get a snack in the form of some type of pastry at 5, just to tide them over until dinner time.  This is one of my greatest pleasures, being able to walk to and from school, bringing them home for a healthy lunch and family time at noon, and getting freshly baked bread for each meal.  It’s a much slower pace than what we’ve ever known, and much healthier as well.  I’m happy to get in two extra hours of walking each day, not even including walking round and about town while they’re in school.  I recorded the following video while walking to pick them up from school at the end of the day today.  I hope you enjoy the new video format… Just wanted to do something different for a change!


8 thoughts on “On my way to pick up the kids from school in France”

  1. Thanks so much for the encouraging words 🙂 Life is good, Life is even great! I don’t know why the YouTube video isn’t working, but I’m now in the process of uploading it again, who knows what could have gone wrong. It will be up in a few minutes, hopefully in working order! I just read your post about Avignon (http://the-tin-man.com/2013/09/03/avignon-france/), and you’re making me want to go there again. While reading your post, I really appreciated all of the history you included (it’s quite useful!!). Also, as usual, I’m getting hungry while reading about your delicious meal of escargots and cassoulet (even though I just had dinner). We may have to plan a trip to Avignon pretty soon!

  2. Love the video!! You are so right…we stop for our baguette everyday too – and yes, my girl’s fight over who asks for it! It’s so fun! My kids love the French school schedule – yes, the days initially seemed long – but having Wednesdays off is divine! (Well – next year that changes – they will go to school Wednesday mornings…but still – it’s a nice break!) So today, we are off to dance (also) and registration for my 9 year old to start gymnastics class. Love reading about your progress settling in…totally can relate!!

    1. Thanks!! You’re right, it’s all wonderful, and it’s all exciting 🙂 Today is our first experience with the “Wednesday off” schedule, and since the kids are at the pool, I can tell you they appreciate the break just like your kids do. By the way, my husband and I LOVED your guest post at the Expat Child blog. It was really very, very interesting. So did your kids speak French before you moved here? I’m assuming they did, but maybe I’m wrong. For us, we’d always spoken only French when back in the US. Now, we’re having to force ourselves to try to switch over to English at home. It’s so important, so we have to do it! Especially for Charlotte,who is only 6. I love hearing from you 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday! (by the way, I always worked outside of the home as well, so this is a big change… trying to get my “at-home” business up and running so that I can continue to be at home, since that’s a big priority for me now).

    1. I’m glad the video was interesting to you! Are you living abroad, or thinking about it? I’m wondering what drew you to my blog (and by the way, thanks for stopping by and commenting!).

  3. Hi! Loved your clip. Lovely that you are “all in”!! I am looking at properties in Beziers… have 3 kids. They don’t know French yet, mine is barely passible . Do you know if there is an English speaking school/International School (primary)? At least for the first year, I was thinking that would be better. My husband is part French and French-speaking, I’ve loved it since my first visit in college, and we are giving up the US (live in Atlanta now) and, if all works out, will be shopping for a house this year. You’re Inspiring Me!!

    1. How exciting!! How old are your children? I think that really matters in terms of whether they’ll need an international school or not. If they’re little, I’d suggest putting them in French school right away… they’ll learn French fast! I have an older son (22 now), and when we spent a year in Béziers 15 years ago, that’s what we did with him (he was only 7). By Christmas, he was fluent! That said, there’s an international school in Baillargues, between Béziers & Montpellier. You can easily find it on the Internet…. So, you’re leaving the US to come to the South of France, imagine that! You guys sound a lot like us. Do you think you’ll be making a trip over here to house shop? You could be on international house hunters! lol… Keep me posted on your adventure. I remember that last year before moving here… very, very busy, but so exciting and fun! How do your kids feel about the move, and what will you guys be doing once you get here? Fill me in 🙂

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