Long-Stay Visa… Check!


Last night I decided to take the train from St. Louis to Chicago rather than drive or fly.  The last time I took the train in the US was again from St. Louis to Chicago to apply for a long-stay visa at the French Consulate in Chicago, but that was 15 years ago.  Things have changed, and for the better!  The Amtrak trains still aren’t fast, but this one was clean and believe it or not the passengers were well-behaved!

I made it to Chicago at 11:00 and twelve hours later I was at the consulate turning in all of my documents to obtain a long-stay visa that will permit me to live and work legally in France for a year while taking the steps to gain French nationality.  It went very well, and I’ll have my passport back in time to travel to France on June 17.  I’m relieved to know that I can check that off of my list.

They don’t call Chicago the Windy City for nothing.  It’s pretty windy and cold out there, and I forgot to bring a jacket.  I guess I thought my thoughts were focused on the Mediterranean.


3 thoughts on “Long-Stay Visa… Check!”

  1. Wow, you are so close to fulfilling your dream! I am envious. We will be going to Toronto at this time next year to apply for our visas. The whole visa process seems very daunting to me and the list of required documents is overwhelming! Any words of advice? Also, have you thought about setting up a business once you are in France to help people like us who are moving to France from North America ? You would have one family as clients right away! Seriously – think about it. Please keep blogging once you are in France I truly find your blog inspirational and full of great info. Thank you:)

    1. Hi Helly! You’re right, so very close!! Exactly one month. You’re going to be amazed at how quickly the next year will fly by. Everything you do, you’ll relish, because it will be a series of lovely “lasts”. It’s definitely bittersweet, but very exciting all the same. I absolutely plan to continue blogging once we’re in France. However, after you read my next post and my great big ole mistake, you may not want to hire me after all 🙂 But really, thanks for your encouraging comments. It really means a lot!

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