Goûter in the Trunk

Goûter in the Trunk

There’s just nothing better than an afternoon snack of petits pains, nutella, and juice in the trunk of the car. We’d just finished hiking in the Gorge d’Heric.


2 thoughts on “Goûter in the Trunk”

  1. Oh wow! A whole new look for your blog. Did you use the free or the premium templates or did you make up your own? I’ve recently changed my blog’s appearance too. Trying to improve the appearance of pictures.

    Fun picnic too, btw.

  2. Yeah! How do you like it? I just felt like I wanted a change. It’s one of the free themes that’s available. I actually saw it on someone else’s blog and thought it was cute. You can customize it a little bit with background pictures and you can choose the colors you want. Your blog’s new look is completely different too! Which theme is it?

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