“Whatever Will Be, Will Be”

Back in January I applied for a Program Dean position at Oxbridge Academy in Montpellier.  I wrote about it in a post:

Working @ Montpellier this Summer ?!?!?.

Then in March I got an interview, and was so nervous about it I could hardly stand it!  Since then I have been waiting, waiting, waiting.  Two days ago I was contacted for a second interview.  That will happen via Skype on Friday (in two days!).  Well I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, “Whatever will be, will be.”  I feel pretty good about the possibility of it though!  It can’t look half bad on a resumé to have worked for this organization, and I’m truly hoping to get the job to see what kind of opportunities it could offer me.  All of this change is so very exciting.  I know that there are people who don’t like change, and I understand that.  I don’t know how I turned out this way, but I thrive on this kind of challenge.  What an adventure!!


14 thoughts on ““Whatever Will Be, Will Be””

    1. Thank you so much for all of your support, as always 🙂 So let’s hear more about you! Where are you in Spain, and what is the most unusual tapa you’ve had so far? I love Spain so much. How’s the weather at this time of year? Can’t wait to see a post on your blog about your trip!

      1. Overnight trains are great for that, aren’t they? Waking up in a new country, new language, new culture….And get to exploring! That’s awesome 🙂 Have fun, and take pictures!

  1. Hope all goes well with the prospective job. I was looking for your post on how you decided to move to France. Did you write about that? Great stuff going on with your blog and assorted links to your teaching resources, by the way.

      1. Super exciting and difficult to make those kinds of decisions. When we returned from our year in Australia, many people asked us if we would immigrate there for good. We thought of it as a fun discussion, but giving up my Canadian citizenship would be too much. And we know that if we lived that far away, no one would come visit us.

        Your situation is very different. You are still in the prime of your career whereas I am closer to retirement.

        Bon courage avec tous ces changements! And good for you for forging ahead! Your children are going to live the most exciting adventure ever. And imagine what citizens of the world they will become.

      2. I see your point, that’s a tough decision. We’re very fortunate in that France and the US “tolerate” dual citizenship. As of now, lots of people say they’ll come and visit us. True, it’s not as far away as Australia, but it’s still a hefty airfare to deal with. I’m hoping we will be able to find a place with a guest bedroom…just in case!

  2. So today, I woke up to an email in my inbox asking for references. I sent my references (to Oxbridge), then got another email telling me that “if these references are as sterling as I know they’ll be, we’ll be making you an offer.” YES!!!

      1. I got the job!!! It’s only a 5 week stint, but I think anything with Oxford and Cambridge and Dean in the title sounds pretty darn good to me. I hope they have WI-FI in the boarding school 😉

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