What School Lunch in France Can Teach us Back Home in the U.S.

Here’s an interesting article I found on WordPress, again about France’s school lunches.

What School Lunch in France Can Teach us Back Home in the U.S..

12 thoughts on “What School Lunch in France Can Teach us Back Home in the U.S.”

  1. Hi Jennifer, I’m following your post with great interest. We are taking a one year sabbatical to live in France with our children! We still have about a year and a half until we go, and we have nothing set up yet but are thinking of moving to Béziers for the year. I look forward to hearing more about your adventure!

  2. How fun! When I think back a year and a half, I remember when we were just beginning our journey toward moving to France. How old are your children? We also have kids, ages 6 and 9. And why Béziers? Thanks for this comment, you’ve inspired me to continue my blog (it’s been months since I’ve written anything at all!). – Jennifer

    1. We have two boys aged 10 and 8. We are looking to live somewhere in France where we won’t need vehicle, and somewhere where it’s relatively warm all year. I was considering Montpellier but Beziers is smaller and I love the canal, proximity to beaches, river etc. I also am considering places big enough to have schools for both boys and hopefully two schools in close proximity. (The boys are currently in French schools and we all speak both French and English.)

      1. Are your boys in French immersion schools right now? Just curious, where are you now? If you’ve never been to Béziers, I can tell you that it’s a lovely place. We also considered Montpellier, but are going with Béziers for the same reasons as you (and we also have some family there). For the last fourteen years, we’ve been spending every single summer in Béziers. Can’t wait to just live there all year long. Have you started looking for schools there yet?

      2. Both of our boys started off in a “Francais” school for students who already speak French. Our 10-year-old, Is now in a French immersion school for social reasons. We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have enjoyed your recent blog posts, And can totally relate to the frustration of it being too early to really do much about housing. Of course you are much closer to your dream coming true than I am! I think you have a great outlook and a right to be optimistic. I really have found in my life that things tend to work out in the end, Even if it’s not exactly how you planned it. Thank you for your Insight about Beziers, I really think it sounds like a great place for us! I looked at a list of schools, And am interested in looking into a private Catholic school that I read about. Do you know anything about the schools there?

      3. If they’re in French immersion, I’m sure they’ll be fine! My husband actually works at a French immersion school here in St. Louis, but our kids don’t go there. They’re in a a Catholic grade school, but we only speak French at home, and they read a lot in French (especially the nine year old). The only school I really know anything about in Béziers is L’École Privée Notre Dame. That’s where our older son (who is now 22) went when he was in first grade. We really like it, and since we want to keep the kids in Catholic school, that’s where they’ll most likely go. Which school did you read about?

      4. The school I read about is called Ecole Sainte- Madeleine. I will look into the one you mentioned, too. Wow, It’s really nice to have someone “in the know” to talk to about this stuff. I really appreciate your help!

      5. Yes, you know what… I have heard of that school as well. I remember it from when we lived there before. It’s really nice for me to have someone to talk to about all of this stuff as well 🙂

    1. We are going to live in Béziers. We lived there 14 years ago, always said it would be “easy” to move back. That’s what we thought when we were 25. Now, with kids and careers, it’s not that easy… But we’re doing it!

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