2 months in France!

Yes, I feel very lucky!  Woohoooooo!!  This summer I’ll be in France, well I guess I should say in Europe, for two whole months.  Leaving June 1 with my students for a trip all over Europe for 23 days, then my husband and kids are going to come over and meet me there and we’ll stay until August 2.  But what am I gonna do????  Charlene!!!!  I’m so sad you can’t help me chaperone this year.  Just to fill everyone in, I usually can afford to bring along a chaperone on these trips.  Darn economy.

So what’s on the agenda?  With the students we’re going to London, Amsterdam, Munich, Innsbruck, Venice, Florence, Rome, Paris & Madrid.  Can’t wait to go to Amsterdam and Madrid, those will be new destinations for me!  Maybe I can get some suggestions on how to deal with eleven 17 year old boys in Amsterdam???  Eh…….  ok.  So I already told them that we could go IN a coffee shop, but that we WON’T be placing an order.  And I told them that we would walk THROUGH the red light district, but that we won’t be placing any orders there either.  We’ll see how that goes!

When the guys go back to St. Louis we’re gonna have some real vacation time.  6 weeks of relaxation….or at least some relaxation.  About a week or so in Paris, then it’s off to the south for the rest of the time.  This year we’re not taking the train.  We’ve decided to rent a car for four of the six weeks we’ll be there.  It’ll be easier to get around that way.  CANNOT wait…..  Just 13 more official days of school, we’ll just not count those exam days.  Now… All I need to focus on is losing 10+ pounds before I go.  Yeah, right.  Keep repeating mantra:  Real women have curves, Real women have curves.  Everyone say it with me now:  Real women have curves.


4 thoughts on “2 months in France!”

  1. I have to said je suis totalement jalouse!!!!
    2 mois en France un reve de chez reve!!!
    Par contre les enfants je suis super contente pour vous!! Profitez en bien et amusez vous bien!!!

  2. hahaha loved this post. yip i am also convincing myself that real women have curves.it sounds like you have quite an adventure planned. aaah how i love France. enjoy and do keep us posted on how you managed all those youngsters 😉
    ps. i stumbled upon your blog via a friend of yours who was on freshly pressed today.

    1. Yeah, we just have to keep repeating it to ourselves! lol … I’ll keep everyone posted on how the trip in Europe goes. Looking forward to writing about all the places we visit. Can’t wait! Thanks for reading my post 🙂

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