Allow me to introduce myself to the world of blogging.

Unknown-1A little about me…  I’m from Louisiana, which may somehow explain my obsession with all things French.  Not living there anymore, moved away when I was 23 to see what it was like “away from the south”.  If anything, I’ve come to have a much greater appreciation for most things southern than I ever had when I was living there.  I’m living in the big middle of the midwest in the great city of St. Louis.  Some will say that St. Louis is a small town, but if you come from a place somewhere in Louisiana that isn’t even considered a town and doesn’t have a post office… St. Louis is pretty damn big.  Ok Louisiana people, especially those who know me.  YOU may be from a town, but I’m from a community.  A community that has only a gas station (with some darn good boudin, if I may say so myself) and a golf course.

Been living here in ole St. Louieeee  off and on since ’96.  In the meantime I’ve managed to earn a Master’s degree in French, get married to a very sexy Parisian, procreate a mini-me troop of three, live in Béziers, France (mediterranean coast, west of Montpellier), come back to St. Louis to be a high school French teacher, and the list does go on…  More about all of that later.

Unknown-2I decided to get started on this blog when I realized that this American-French lifestyle I live certainly isn’t unique to me.  When you fall in love with someone from another country, there’s way more to it than what you can see when you say “I do”, or just “Oui” as I did at our wedding in France.  There are the first days, before the days of real jobs and children when you seem to focus entirely on perfecting, as in my case, the French language.  Then there are the little cultural differences that make life very interesting.  And then….  drum roll…. And then you have the kids.  What a pleasure, yes I’ll agree there’s nothing quite like being a parent.  This is, after a certain number of years of marriage, the time when you’re really going to make it or break it.  Of course I know that’s true for all married couples, probably with or without children, but boy let me tell you something.  Raising the kids the international way, growing up in America with a very French lifestyle, speaking only in French at home with the kids….  Now in my mind, this is the stuff good blogging is made of!  So if anyone actually clicks on this link, even by accident, I hope you’ll enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself to the world of blogging.”

  1. Thanks for coming by my place yesterday and leaving a comment. I am quite interested to hear more of your story. I hope you will be blogging during your time abroad.

    I’ve been snooping around here, but I haven’t managed to find some of those questions you ask people you meet for a cup of coffee and a little conversation. Questions such as, how did you manage to find a French husband and how did you decide which country to live in when raising your children? I hope you’ll share a little sometime … gotta go snoop a bit more now and see if I’ve missed it.

    1. Hi! Thanks for snooping around on my blog! lol… I’m definitely planning on blogging during my trip, both the first part with my students and the second part with the family. I love your blog! So interesting, and really well written! I’m going to have to write a post all about how my husband and I met and all that good, juicy stuff that people find interesting. It really is a romantic story. We met in Paris while I was on vacation and after a year of commuting back and forth for long weekends he decided to move over here to be with me. Then we got married, but realized he didn’t have the right visa to do so, so we ended up going back to live in France (the south!) while waiting for green card approval. Best year of my life! So happy it happened 🙂 Long story short, we ended up coming back here to the US b/c back 13 years ago it wasn’t easy finding work in the south of France and I had 2 graduate classes to finish. Now we’re 12 years and 3 kids later and as the little ones approach school age we’re considering moving back to France to raise them there (lots of reasons). This is a good idea for a new post! Thanks so much for stopping by, and don’t be a stranger!

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